Windows 7 Installation

Like many university students I am able to participate in the MSDNAA. Therefore I was compelled to postpone my studies and install Windows 7 on my desktop at home. I started out fairly confident as I had already installed the Beta, RC, and enterprise release on several computers at work including a VM, and I'm pretty good at this type of thing by now. However this one almost defeated me.

I can usually handle one or two things going wrong, but it seems that everything went wrong this time.

One, the download from MSDNAA was corrupted twice for me, so I had to get an ISO from an alternative source.

On top of that, Roxio was not able to correctly burn to DVD as I had suspected from searching forums. I had to download IMGBurn which works great. One of these problems was giving me an error about "CD/DVD driver missing".

Third, my system has three different types of RAM, one of the types being a pair. The system will get memory errors unless the sticks of memory are placed in just the right order. (That is a post for another day)

After a week of asking people for ISOs and burning a half-dozen bad DVDs I finally have Windows 7 installed. I can say that it was worth it, but it would be nice if the MSDNAA website had an MD5 sum on it.


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