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Remove Ads from most websites

The web is a lot nicer without ads all over the place. There are a few tools out there that are designed to remove ads from your web experience, some more functional than others. I've tried a few, and by far, the best is Ad-block plus which is only on Firefox. There's an add-on in Chrome called ad-sweep, but I've tested, and there's still a lot of ads that come through. Too bad, since I really like Chrome otherwise. Ad-Block Plus is easy to install, so I'll just direct you to their website: Alternatively, you can just click tools, add-ons, get add-ons, and search for "ad-block plus". You'll want to subscribe to the "EasyList" to get current lists of ad urls. You can temporarily disable it from the icon that it puts in your web browser. Typically I hate adding toolbars or anything to my web browser, but this isn't that big, and is a must since the only thing more annoying than toolbars is ads. Below is an e