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Embedding File Hangs Office

I ran into the problem when embedding files into a Word document. I was using Office 2007, but this may be a problem in other versions. Word says that it is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action . What I had to do is open the task manager and end acroread.exe or whatever pdf program was running. After that I could embed the file successfully. I'll upload screen-shots if I ever run into it again.

Print Screen Active Window Only Shortcuts

Print screen the active window only by pressing ALT + Print Screen . On a mac you press Command + Shift + 4 then  Space-bar , then click the window . Mac: Just a quick tip for reference. There's a more comprehensive tutorial for macs here:  or Windows: If you want to capture a selected area in windows, you can do it if you have One Note installed with Windows + S , or from the Insert menu in OneNote, select screen clipping.  You can also use the screen snipping tool in Windows Vista or 7. Here's a good tutorial on how to assign a shortcut to the snipping tool: