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Move Windows 7 Users folder to another drive

If you've already installed your operating system and want to move the entire Users folder to another drive use these instructions. This will create a symbolic link which will leave the operating system using the same path to avoid breaking anything pointed to the Users through the C drive. You will still be able to get to this directory through the normal C:\Users path. This is an alternative to making changes with the unattend.xml file on installation. Moving the Users Folder 1. Copy C:\Users to your secondary drive, or wherever you want it to be located. This works best if you boot into a Linux disc or some other boot drive since windows will lock files while you are logged in. If you have a WinPE disc, you can make all these changes at once. 2. Rename, delete, or move the original folder after making sure that the files have copied. It is difficult to rename that folder while you are logged in to the operating system, so I would do this step while booted to another drive.