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Bypass Cisco NAC Agent

The Cisco NAC agent is run either in Java or ActiveX to check your windows update and virus definition status. If your operating system or antivirus is not up to date, you won't be able to fully access the (wireless) network until you install the required updates. This is all nice, except that it doesn't tell you what updates are required, which ones failed, and it sometimes takes an hour or more to update your machine. This, plus the fact that there is a ridiculously small amount of time between the new updates being released and them being required. This makes your computer fail to access the network at the most inconvenient times. I've found myself spending many class periods failing to listen or take notes because I had to get connected. Here's how you can get logged on without having to even run the NAC agent. Simply put, change your operating system to either Mac, or Linux. Rather, change what your web browser is reporting as your operating system. Currently the